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Cannon Beach Hotel Covid19 SAFETY
Times are changing...and so are we!
We're using more than just StaySafe CDC Protocols.
Check-in and room access is NO-TOUCH and NO-CONTACT
Please call the Front Desk for details 503-436-1392

  • Fogging: all rooms are fogged with a hospital grade, natural disinfectant after each check-out.
  • No Touch Check-in/Check Out: registration by email, no need to go to the lobby, guest places in a drop box at check out.
  • Arrival: guests go directly to their room, key codes are texted for lock boxes between 3:30 - 4pm, no codes for Cannon Beach Hotel.
  • Lock boxes and keys: All lock boxes and keys are sanitized for each guests arrival.
  • Masks: required while visiting
  • Staff: temperature checked daily, required to wear masks and gloves, and social distance from guests.
  • Sanitation Agent: inspects each room after it is cleaned and re-sanitizes high points.
  • Room cleaning: a CDC approved peroxide based disinfectant is used.
  • Rooms sealed: after rooms are sanitized/inspected, no one may enter until a guest arrives.
  • Guest rooms supplies: hand sanitizer and face masks, PLUS taffy and fresh baked cookies are placed for your arrival!
  • Front Desk: Guests may text the Front Desk with needs, issues or concerns.
  • Breakfast: a sanitized breakfast basket is delivered to the room at Cannon Beach Hotel and The Courtyard, order completed by email.
  • Room linens: treated with additional bleach and disinfectant.
  • Stayover service: currently paused until further notice to protect you and our staff, staff are not allowed to enter an occupied room.
  • Amenities: (coffee, soap, toilet paper, etc.) and check-in materials for your entire stay are placed in the room before your arrival.
  • Items that cannot be sanitized were removed from our rooms (baskets, reading material, alarm clocks, phones, etc.)
  • Hair dryers: sanitized and sealed in a plastic bag for your safety and convenience.
  • TV remotes and a laminated channel directory: sanitized and sealed in a bag for each guest.
  • Maintenance: guests are not allowed to stay in the room during maintenance repairs, for everyones safety.
  • These and many more safety protocols are in place for our protection.

  • Be SAFE, Stay SAFE